Golden Hoard Dragon Ascension


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The Golden Hoard Dragon Ascension is a batch of flux Dragons that will be implemented in the future. This breed of dragons is very reminiscent to Luxion, the merchant that comes every once in a while to sell Items for Dragon Coins. Consuming Golden Hoard Dragon Souls will unlock the dragon theme styles, the Golden Hoard Dragonling ally, Golden Hoard Fledgling mount, the flyable Golden Hoard Dragon mount, the Glittering Prize Permanent Stat Boost, and Luxarion, Scion of the Hoard. Luxarion is the final form of the dragon line which will require players to consume 100 Golden Hoard Dragon Souls.
The Golden Hoard Dragon line has four forms that can be unlocked by consuming Golden Hoard Dragon Souls, which can be purchased from Luxion for 4 Dragon Coins whenever he visits the hub. Using more souls will upgrade the Golden Hoard Dragon into its next form after enough has been consumed.