10000 x Trove Glim (PC/Mac)



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Trove Glim is the common material that can be use in trade and craft

How to farm glim?

Ofcourse the most easiest way to get this material is to buying it. Here you can buy Trove glim.
It can be easy to farm it by fishing, you can get an average of about 50 glim from fish and 1k from rare fish, deconstructing them in a loot collector.
Another farm method in hitting grass in any Biom, the best class for this is Dracolyte or Ninja. Cause Dracolyte have nice attacks, as long as Ninja have big movement speed. It will be faster to farm if you will find some people that are also interested in farming Trove glim, and group with them.
You can also easy get it from deconstructing Shadow keys.