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Every hour first customers will get 10’000 FLUX for free for one character.

Buying 10000 x FLUX PROMO you can get FREE 10000 flux. For delivery, your character must be 20 level MR.

This promotion is available only once for each customer. We can stop or refuse you in this promotion at any time.

Flux is a common material in Trove. It is used to upgrade items at the Forge, change stats at the Chaos Forge, purchase Troves of Wonders from the Weaver of Wonders, and craft a variety of items. It is also used as the main official currency in the game’s marketplace tab. Flux is shown in a ratio to determine how valuable each unit of an item listed in a group is; ratios appear as.

Obtained by:

  • Breaking down equipment at the Loot Collector
  • Can be dropped by killing the enemies from Shadow Invasions, the random encounters where Shadow Giants enemies fall from the sky.
  • Opening Chaos Chest
  • Opening Lesser Dragon Cache
  • Opening Titan’s Treasure
  • Loot collecting  Megaflux Tank
  • Completing 25 dungeons with Flux folio equipped
  • Destroying Party Animal
  • Selling items in the marketplace
  • Trading