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Every day 5 first customers will get 10000 FLUX for free for one character.

Flux is a common material in Trove. It is used to upgrade items at the Forge, change stats at the Chaos Forge, purchase Troves of Wonders from the Weaver of Wonders, and craft a variety of items. It is also used as the main official currency in the game’s marketplace tab. Flux is shown in a ratio to determine how valuable each unit of an item listed in a group is; ratios appear as.

Obtained by:

  • Breaking down equipment at the  Loot Collector
  • Can be dropped by killing the enemies from Shadow Invasions, the random encounters where Shadow Giants enemies fall from the sky.
  • Opening  Chaos Chest
  • Opening  Lesser Dragon Cache
  • Opening  Titan’s Treasure
  • Loot collecting  Megaflux Tank
  • Completing 25 dungeons with  Flux folio equipped
  • Destroying  Party Animal
  • Selling items in the marketplace
  • Trading


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      Every day, at different times, this is done to ensure that everyone was able to have time to buy when he can, If you still have not received a promotional product and you can not do it because of its lack, then write to our live chat, our agents will help you.

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